The Annual Forum

The Annual Forum is our big regional event when community practitioners and leaders, tribes, municipalities, resource managers, industry, private business and NGO’s come together for some face to face time to connect, inform and participate.

The Goal: to support community-based watershed management efforts, projects and programs by:

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  • networking
  • discussing challenges and opportunities to community-based projects and programs
  • sharing knowledge and resources
  • participating in developing inovitive and collabortive responses to rural and urban issues facing SE communities
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Get Ready for 2013

The watershed coalition is working to partner with the Central Council Tlingit Haida and the Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership to leverage our resources and bring together our unique networks in order to make the Annual Forum in 2013 the place to be!!!

The meeting in 2012 focused on community-based watershed management and planning, restoration, and community project sharing and lessons learned. Take a look back at the event…

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The 2011 Annual Forum focused on SAWC strategic planning and Aquatic Resource Mitigation. Take a look event farther back…

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