We foster partnerships and inspire Southeast Alaskans to steward our watersheds and support communities through participatory projects, research, and learning.

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  • Field Notes- Fall 2020 Newsletter

    Field Notes- Fall 2020 Newsletter

    Fall 2020 Newsletter
  • Transportation Challenges

    Transportation Challenges

    In more than three years we have planned and executed a food hub in Southeast Alaska as a way to solve the most critical challenge in order for food producers, especially vegetable farmers, to grow their operations and access larger urban markets. Here are our lessons learned regarding the challenges …
  • Restoring Fish Habitat on a Tributary of Pat’s Creek

    Restoring Fish Habitat on a Tributary of Pat’s Creek

    Before: Introducing the project At the end of March, SAWC completed on the ground restoration work on a small tributary that feeds into the Pat’s Creek watershed near Wrangell, AK. This tributary had been damaged and blocked off in areas as a result of previous logging operations at the site. …

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