Mapping Products

The Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition has created a variety of geospatial mapping products publicly available through ArcGIS online. These products include stand alone data layers, web maps, mapping applications, and story maps. For questions on our geospatial products, please contact our GIS and Communications Specialist, Khrystl Brouillette, at

Southeast Scale Products

Watershed Prioritization Mapping Suite

This suite provides information on watershed and other assessments and on-the-ground projects across Southeast Alaska. It also contains a variety of layers to help inform the user of current environmental conditions in the region.

Check out our interactive story map for a how-to guide and examples of use case scenarios.

The suite consists of a web map with linked data layers and an interactive web mapping application.

These shareable map products allow the user to: 

  1. Look at various watershed assessments and other determined reports across Southeast Alaska
  2. Look at restoration projects and project documents in the region
  3. Compare these documents against key information to inform project prioritization needs (AWC, land ownership, roads, etc.)
  4. View prioritization schema from a variety of sources and access analysis layers for different project types. 

An important part of this initiative was inventorying past, current, and future watershed projects around Southeast Alaska. If you have a past project that needs to be added, please submit using this google form. Likewise, if you have a future project that should be added, use this google form.

Watershed Prioritization Web Map

This mapper contains a variety of layers from different data providers including: Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the U.S Forest Service, Alaska Department of Natural Resources, and others. Analysis was performed by SAWC staff.

Layers included are designed to help the user in determining areas for restoration projects based on their own prioritization criteria. Prioritization metrics from other entities are included to aid in this process.

This web map, housed in ArcGIS online, is designed as a repository of base data layers, prioritization schema, and regional projects to help the user locate and prioritize watershed restoration projects.

This is a great resource to quickly find, view, and compare data layers and locate feature services to use in local projects within ArcGIS online or ArcGIS Pro.

Watershed Prioritization Web Mapping Application

This intuitive application provides the same data as the web mapper, presented in an easy-to-use online application. Zoom to your region of interest, toggle off and on layers, measure areas on the fly, download selected points to your local machine, and more.

Here’s our How-To Guide for using the Watershed Prioritization Application.

Wetland Ecosystem Services Protocol Southeast Alaska (WESPAK-SE) 2.0


A collaboration between SEAKFHP, SEALT, and USFWS, WESPAK-SE 2.0, aka the Wetland Ecosystem Services Protocol for Southeast Alaska, is a web-mapping application to assist in the completion of the WESPAK office form.

WESPAK-SE 2.0 is hosted by SEAKFHP in ArcGIS online .

Check out this video for a user guide to this application.


Local Scale Products

Montana Creek Mapper

In 2021, CBJ asked SAWC to produce a map to facilitate discussion for improvements being made to the Montana Creek Area in Juneau. The interactive mapper is designed to give the public a more complete picture of the environment within the Montana Creek Planning area. It was created by the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition and uses a variety of publicly available data layers from CBJ, ADF&G, the Forest Service, and more.

Klawock BMP mapper

This online web-mapping application was created for the landowners of Klawock. The application allows the user to view areas of interest and overlay related data, like anadromous water information, ownership, geologic layers, and more!


Story Maps

Building a Watershed Stewardship Tribal Workforce

This story map highlight’s SAWC’s 2022 field season. To restore salmon watersheds, SAWC and the U.S. Forest service have trained tribal work crews to implement stream restoration projects.

Restoring Salmon Watersheds on Tribal Homelands Story Map

This story map was created to support SAWC’s 2022 America the Beautiful grant proposal and shows a variety of projects we hope to complete around Southeast Alaska. All of the projects highlighted are high on SAWC’s priority list for more assessment work and to continue restoration work that has already begun.

Picnic Creek Story Map

In 2014, the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition (SAWC) teamed up to remove a fish ladder and undersized culvert at the mouth of Juneau’s Picnic Creek. The project improved access to about a mile of stream habitat for pink salmon and other species. In 2018, work continued that resulted in removing a fish ladder that was impeding fish passage. With the ladder gone, fish returned to the stream in 2021. Check out the story map for more information on this success!