Our Priorities


The Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition fosters partnerships and inspires Southeast Alaskans to steward our watersheds and support communities through participatory projects, research, and learning.  

Our award winning work focuses on partnering with community, tribal, and agencies on hands-on-projects that integrate community and watershed needs.   

At more than 35,000 square miles of temperate rainforest, islands, and deep fjords, Southeast Alaska is massive in scale and abundant in fish and wildlife.  The 35 isolated communities here are unique & independent, most being reachable only by boat and plane.  In a place where economies and sustenance is closely linked to nature, the stewardship of productive lands and the restoration of the patchwork of urban areas, forests impacted by industrial logging, waters impacted by mining, etc. is incredibly important.  Here in Southeast Alaska, the environment defines our communities and way of life, and this is the reason our work is so important.  With such a huge regional scope and diversity of communities, prioritizing our work requires careful evaluation of:  

  • Watershed Need
  • Community Need
  • Partner Impact

View our Watershed Prioritization Mapper here for an overview of some of what our work considers.