Southeast Alaska Mitigation Fund

The Southeast Alaska Mitigation Fund (SAMF) is an In Lieu Fee compensatory mitigation program operated by the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition.  The goal of SAMF is to foster opportunities for communities to grow and develop while maintaining healthy and intact aquatic ecosystems and building up a restoration economy in Southeast Alaska.


Services we provide:

  • Sale of restoration-based wetland and stream credits for compensatory mitigation in Southeast Alaska.
  • Assessment of changes to ecological function to determine compensatory mitigation need.
  • Alternative income for landowners willing to support restoration-based mitigation projects on their property.


Streams and wetlands perform many valuable ecosystem functions including providing fish and wildlife habitat, water storage, and water filtration.  Land development that requires dredging, filling, and construction on wetlands and surface waters can significantly impact these values. The Clean Water Act (CWA) has measures in place to regulate and mitigate for such activities. The SAMF operates under the CWA Section 404 Regulatory Program to collect permit funds from developers to build and maintain mitigation sites – aquatic resource restoration, enhancement, or creation projects that mitigate for impacts occurring as a result of land development.


The Southeast Alaska Mitigation Fund:  A copy of our legal instrument is available here (Download PDF).


For more information:

Visit the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Regulatory In-Lieu Fee and Bank Information Tracking System:

Call the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition: 907-205-4028