Project Goals

  1. Produce a white paper describing the relevance and importance of long-term stream temperature data for management and regulatory purposes.
  2. Prevent the loss of regional stream temperature data by collecting information about past and current stream temperature monitoring sites in the region and enter it into the Alaska Online Aquatic Temperature Site (AKOATS).
  3. Develop a strategic sampling plan for the region that takes into account partner priorities and important environmental gradients.
  4. Add new monitoring sites.
  5. Provide training and information for interested communities so they can install and manage their own sites and data and/or help with nearby sites.
  6. Support the maintenance of SAWC’s and partners’ current stream temperature monitoring sites and help identify funding sources to maintain sites into the future.

If you are interested in participating in the network in any way, please contact SAWC’s Science Director, Rebecca Bellmore.