Coalition Services

The members and partners of SAWC work together to enhance their awareness and abilities to protect, restore, and promote the environmental integrity of Southeast Alaska’s Watersheds in their communities. SAWC utilizes its professional network of information and resources to provide support and guidance at the request of member groups. The Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition is a motivated and capable collaboration dedicated to supporting these community efforts.


Drawing from SAWC’s broad-based alliance and professional network, SAWC contractors and staff are able to provide a variety of services to natural resource managers, community development professionals, tribes, municipalities, agencies, developers, schools and citizens:

The Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition works to pool together and draw on the skills, experience, and expertise of the collective staff within it’s’ member groups to achieve a greater collective impact toward the group’s common goals.


Check out our member group staff to see how their skills and expertise can support your work in community based watershed management!

 Member Group Staff: