How to be a “Stream Friendly” Landowner

There are hundreds of salmon streams throughout Southeast Alaska and chances are likley that you live next to or close to one of them!

The Juneau Watershed Partnership has created a handy brochure to help streamside landowners be good neighbors to their stream-dwelling friends. The brochure has some helpful information for Juneau-specific streams, and tips that apply to streams through Southeast Alaska.

Streamside landowners play a critical role in protecting and maintaining the high quality of water and habitat our salmon and wildlife populations need to thrive.

Being “stream-friendly” means making choices that minimize impacts to our creeks, streams, rivers and lakes. The pay off is clean drinking water, healthy and functioning fish and wildlife habitat, and sustained fish and wildlife populations.

Check out the Juneau Watershed Partnership’s brochure, ” Living Next to Salmon Stream” for hints and tips for stream friendly yard and lawn care, and for resources for local landowners.

  Living Next to a Salmon Stream – How to be a “Salmon-Friendly” Landowner

For more information on being a fish-friendly neighbor, contact the Juneau Watershed Partnership, or talk to your local watershed council!