A New Home Base for Takshanuk Watershed Council!

Renovations underway at TWC’s Jones Point property


Congratulations to TWC, the new owner of the Jones Point Property in Haines! The property encompasses 50 acres full of opportunity for stewardship, restoration, education, and recreation for the Haines community.

Located on the banks of the Chilkat River and previously owned by Native village corporation Klukwan Inc., the property hosts several buildings that TWC intends to renovate and a large garage that will be taken down for safety concerns. Takshanuk Watershed Council obtained ownership of the property with support from The Conservation Fund.

The property is currently a registered contaminated site with vehicle, boat, and machinery remnants awaiting proper removal and disposal, as well as contaminated soils deposited on site from other Klukwan Inc. properties that will require remediation. Takshanuk Watershed Council views the site as an opportunity to restore ecological health of the property and enhance opportunities for community recreation.

The property will remain open to the public throughout the remediation planning process, and both TWC and SAWC have relocated their offices to the new property’s building space.

Stay tuned for more updates on what TWC has planned for this exciting new resource!

For more information, contact Meredith Pochardt, Takshanuk Watershed Council Executive Director

meredith@takshanuk.org | (907) 766-3542