TWC Improves Cannery Creek Fish Passage


Cannery Creek is an anadromous stream that flows into Letnikof Cove, near Haines. It is listed as habitat for Coho Salmon and Dolly Varden rearing. The previous culvert was classified as “red” based on a perch of 108 inches at the outlet and a gradient of 5.77%. It also had a break in the middle that allowed flows to dissipate out of the culvert and only allowed fish passage at tides of 17.61ft. or greater, which is approximately 14% of high tides. The Takshanuk Watershed Council sought funding from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Patagonia World Trout to replace this culvert to allow for unimpeded fish passage.



The failing culvert was replaced with a 95” x 67”, 60’ long rolled aluminum pipe arch culvert. The culvert placement was lowered to allow for unimpeded fish passage. Following construction any riparian disturbance was re-vegetated with native willow and alder.

In June 2014, TWC will be replacing the culvert along Chestnut Drive in the Meadowlands Subdivision in Haines. Later this summer we will also be releasing a restoration video highlighting all the restoration work of TWC!




For more information on this project, contact:

Meredith Pochardt

Takshanuk Watershed Council