Water Quality & Stormwater Sampling in Juneau


This summer, the Juneau Watershed Partnership will continue several projects monitoring water quality throughout systems in Juneau.




JWP’s ongoing and new sampling projects include:

Jordan Creek : Bi-monthly monitoring will continue to identify and target sources of pollution in the creek. The JWP monitors parameters including stream temperature, pH, debris, total suspended solids, sediment and dissolved oxygen (DO) in Jordan Creek at (3) locations.


Pederson Hill Creek: Water quality sampling for fecal coliform analysis will continue through June 2013 in order to better characterize the potential sources of fecal coliform within Pederson Creek. Samples will be collected during both high and low flow events during a 30 day period.


Auke Lake: Samples will be collected at four locations on Auke Lake throughout the summer 2013 in order to characterize the presence of hydrocarbons as a result of summer recreational use on the lake.


Juneau BEACH Monitoring: Levels of fecal coliform and enterococci bacteria will continue to be monitored in (3) recreational beaches in the City and Borough of Juneau through June 2013. This data will be used to monitor fecal pollution, evaluate recreational use and determine potential sources of contamination.

For more information on this project, please contact:

Nine Horne, Executive Director


Jackie Ebert, Project Coordinator

Juneau Watershed Partnership


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