Adaptive Management Workshop: Teleconference Available



For those unable to attend the Adaptive Management Workshop in Sitka April 28-30, a teleconference line has been set up to participate in the sessions happening on Monday.

The full workshop agenda is attached below.


Teleconference details are: 1-866-711-8225; pass code 32263821

Also, for folks in Juneau the Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership has made a conference room available for those able to meet together to listen in and participate in the afternoon session on developing a framework for multi-party restoration efforts (ADF&G’s Fry Conference Room located in the regional office in Douglas – room is available for the afternoon sessions beginning at 1pm). A description of the afternoon session is included below – the outline for this session is a brief round robin overview of presentations by the session presenters followed by an open discussion. Participation in this session is encouraged and please do share this with others that may have an interest in participating in discussion of this topic:

1:45       Sitkoh River Restoration Monitoring: Developing A Framework for Multi-Party Monitoring and Adaptive Management


·    Understand Sitkoh river restoration goals and opportunities: past/current work and opportunities for monitoring and adaptive management on next partnership project

·    Discuss process considerations for multiparty monitoring and adaptive management

·    Develop direction for multiparty monitoring and adaptive management on river restoration projects  

·    Bob Christensen (SEAWEAD), Marty Becker (USFS), Sheila Jacobsen (USFS), Scott Harris (SCS/SSSC)

Adaptive Management Workshop Agenda:

Download (PDF, 149KB)

If you have questions regarding the workshop, please contact:

Scott Harris, Sitka Conservation Society, scott@sitkawild.org907.738.4091

Chris Leeseberg, USFS Sitka Ranger District, cleeseberg@fs.fed.us907.747.4343