Haines School Science & Gardening Project

Takshanuk Watershed Council is currently working with Haines School District to present an introductory and advanced permaculture course teaching sustainable gardening practices. Students and community members will be able to complete the course and, upon completion, apply their knowledge to maintaining the school’s garden, which supplies fresh produce for school meals.


The program will be offered to 20 individuals, 5 students and 15 community members. The courses will be taught by Melissa Aronson in partnership with 7 Echoes Homestead and the Haines Borough.

Through this program, Takshanuk Watershed Council and its partners will encourage and promote sustainable gardening practices as well as more production of local foods in the Haines community. In the future the school garden will be used as a teaching site to bring more permaculture education to the community.


For more information on this project please contact
Meredith Prochardt or Pam Randles
(907) 766-3542