Beach Sampling in Haines

The Takshanuk Watershed Council in Haines has instated a beach sampling program to test the town’s beaches for the presence of fecal coliform and enterococci bacteria.


Impacts such as shoreline development, wastewater collection and treatment facilities, septic tanks, urban runoff, disposal of human waste from boats, commercial and domestic animals, and natural animal sources such as wildlife can affect and contaminate waters close to shore. People who swim and recreate in contaminated waters with such bacterial pollution are at an increased risk of becoming ill.


During the summer months, when people use beaches and shoreline areas most for recreation, Meredith Pochardt, of Takshanuk Watershed Council takes water samples at Lutak and Portage Cove beach areas. She sends the samples to a lab in Juneau for testing.

Taking water samples


Samples are taken at the beaches each week from May through August.  Users of these beaches are able to enjoy these public waterways with the knowledge that the waters are clean and safe for swimming.


For more information on the beach sampling program in Haines please contact:

Meredith Pochardt, Food Security Coordinator
Takshanuk Watershed Council
Haines, Alaska

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