Identifying Potential Mitigation Sites in Juneau

On September 17th, Melany traveled to Juneau and met with John Hudson from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to conduct site assessments for as many as 12 potential mitigation sites.  It was extremely informative and productive.  I quickly learned how tedious it can be to view each site from the perspective of a habitat biologist, fisheries biologist and ecologist, which are all important scopes in identifying potential mitigation projects.

Check out an example of the Project Report from one of the sites we identified at Fish Creek on North Douglas Island:

Fish Creek-West Pond Enhancement

This was an excellent example of a site that needs enhancement to improve fish habitat.

Google Earth image of West Pond site

West pond has very steep side banks that would benefit from a lower slope gradient

This image of the West Pond at Fish Creek gives the perspective of West Pond relative to the location of East Pond, Fish Creek and Fritz Cove