Identifying Mitigation Sites in Southeast Alaska

This project began in 2012 with the intention of

Identifying potential aquatic resource mitigation sites throughout Southeast Alaska

Starting in Haines, SAWC spent several months researching potential mitigation sites in the region.  The beginning stage of this project entailed a steep learning curve in order to identify sites that meet the criteria necessary for mitigation purposes.  Research involved in this site selection process was mostly completed in the office before visiting the site, by way of compiling and analyzing high resolution satellite imagery of the area.  This imagery was viewed in both ArcGIS as well as Google Earth in order to overlay specific features such as the shapefile for anadromous fish streams, which provides a more in depth picture of a specific area.

Haines, Skagway and Juneau are the first three communities in Southeast Alaska that have been assessed for this pilot project.  SAWC has identified at least 10 sites in these three communities and hopes to continue these efforts in every community in Southeast Alaska over the next few years.


Project GOALS:

1.Develop a tool to support SAWC to identify, rapidly assess and map potential mitigation projects in Southeast Alaska
2.Create a database to store mitigation site information and data
3.Utilize tool and conduct assessments in the communities of Haines, Skagway and Juneau, eventually reaching all Southeast Alaska communities
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Check out an example of the Site Assessment Form and Project Vignette.
Here is an example of a GIS map that was created with the satellite imagery in Haines to illustrate the potential restoration sites that we have identified in this area:


Satellite imagery displaying potential restoration sites in Haines

This is an example of a Google Earth map illustrating a potential restoration site in the Haines area.

Google Earth depiction of a potential restoration site in Haines area

This rudimentary map was created in ArcGIS to display the area of the potential restoration site including a buffer around the site for mitigation purposes.  The site is in close proximity to an anadromous fish stream, according to the Anadromous Waters Catalog (AWC) and within a few hundred meters of the Klehini River.

This GIS map was created to display the features of this site including the proximity to an anadromous fish stream

These photos were taken at several potential restoration sites in Haines.  Each site has specific features that warrant mitigation based on the functions and values associate with the site.

This pond was excavated for gravel and has a steep slope gradient on all sides.  Fish would be more productive in this pond with a lower slope angle.
This boardwalk is made out treated lumber which has the potential to leach contaminants into the wetland.  The positive aspect of this boardwalk is the placement of the lumber which usually sits above the waterline and allows for fish passage underneath.