Introduction to the WESPAK-SE in Haines AK

Wetland Ecosystm Service Protocal for Southeast Alaska

On Friday May 18th, 2012 SAWC partnered with Dr.Paul Adamus to provide a intorductiory level class to the Haines Community of the WESPAK-SE.

Thank you to the class participants and the Haines Public Library!!

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The WESPAK-SE is a science-based field method for rapidly assessing tidal and non-tidal wetlands in Southeast Alaksa. This tool can be used by natural resource managers, developers, industry, landowners, municipalities, tribes, and environmental consultants to understand better which wetlands are most valuable to our communities and most important to watershed processes.

Natural resource managers and professional who understand WESPAK-SE and how to use it in the field are better equipped to assess wetland functions and values and therefore better able to support ┬áthe sustainable development and strategic conservation of Southeast Alaska’s wetlands.

Please contact SAWC if you would be interested in attending a full three-day training course with Dr.Paul Adamus on the WESPAK-SE