State and Local Wetland Management- A call to Action

A State that is 88% wetlands needs effective and appropriate local and state wetland management strategies

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Wetland and Aquatic Resource Mitigation has become a concern of many communities in Southeast Alaska, including the locally based watershed management efforts that direct SAWC.

In response to this concern SAWC is taking a pro-active stance and is committed to working with State and Federal agencies and decision makers, local governments, tribes, developers, landowners and the Alaska State Legislature to develop local and state wetland management  strategies that:

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  • respond to the unique characteristics of our landscape
  • improve the health of our communities
  • bolster our local economies, and
  • are fair and equitable for developers



The last couple weeks of October the Coalition worked with the communities of Petersburg and Wrangell, as well as, State and Federal Regulatory Agency Staffers, Tribes, regional non-profits, local governments, developers and community-based watershed management groups to discuss Wetland and Aquatic Mitigation.

Based on these community meetings and regional scoping discussion SAWC has developed a plan of action to move our region forward in developing local and state wetland management strategies. It is obvious we can not do this alone.


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Please Read the [button url=”” target=”_blank” color=”orange” ]Plan of Action[/button]

Contact SAWC if you would like to partner with us to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the many opportunities presented before us.