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Takshanuk Watershed Council

Interest in forming a local watershed council surfaced in 2001.  In fall of 2002, Southeast Conference solicited communities throughout Southeast Alaska for interest in forming watershed councils to help protect, conserve, and enhance salmon fisheries and habitat. The Community Watershed Project (CWP) was a cooperative agreement between Southeast Conference and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to administer Southeast Sustainable Salmon Funds and to help establish community-based watershed councils. Though interest in forming a watershed council based in Haines was sparked as early as 2000, Takshanuk Watershed Council was formally incorporated in 2003 with the financial support provided through the Community Watershed Project.  Today, the council employs a full-time Executive Director, Watershed Education, Program Director and Science Program Director, a Graduate Research Intern, and three part-time seasonal Field Technicians.



The mission of Takshanuk Watershed Council is to provide stewardship for the Chilkat, Chilkoot and Ferebee River systems.  Through restoration, education, research, and community involvement we will benefit the natural ecology, economy and quality of life valued by all residents.


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