Northern Lynn Canal Cooperative Weed Management Area


Through a partnership with the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition, Takshanuk Watershed Council and the Taiya Inlet Watershed Council have initiated a Northern Lynn Canal Cooperative Weed Management Area (NLC-CWMA) for Haines and Skagway.


The purpose of the NLC-CWMA is to address invasive plant concerns and to facilitate the management of high priority infestations (through various treatment methods) for the purpose of preventing the reproduction and spread of weeds into, within and from the boundaries of the NLC-CWMA.

The species of the greatest concern in the Northern Lynn Canal include Reed Canary Grass, Canadian Thistle, Orange Hawkweed, and Spotted Knapweed. Each of these pose a unique threat to their ecological area and the treatment method is tailored to be the most effective for each.



If you are interested in more information on invasive species in Alaska visit the Alaska Natural Heritage Program’s Exotic Plant Information Clearing house (AKEPIC) at