Renewable Energy in Kake



The high cost of energy in rural Southeast communities can prove to be a large limiting factor to economic and community development. The community of Kake has begun to confront this problem by exploring opportunities for implementing the use of renewable energy in their community energy supply.


In a partnership with Southeast Alaska Conservation Council (SEACC), the community of Kake is exploring wind and solar energy options. An anemometer, or wind meter, has been installed above town to track available wind power. A set of solar panels have been installed in town that generate power to help operate the offices for the Organized Village of Kake.




The community is also looking toward biomass as a heat source to supplement the energy supply and reduce costs. The community of Kake recognizes the biomass resources available to them in surrounding second-growth forest and wood waste from a local mill, and sees the opportunity for sustainable economic development in this renewable resource.


Read more about Kake’s efforts in partnership with SEACC to develop alternative energy sources in this article written for Capital City Weekly.



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