June Peer Network Teleconference: All About Biomass Energy




This week, SAWC hosted a Sustainable Southeast Peer Network teleconference call that focused a discussion on biomass energy projects and resources available in the region.

Karen Peterson of the UAF Cooperative Extension Service in Thorne Bay provided a wealth of useful information and resources to our community practitioners who are currently working on or interested in beginning renewable energy and biomass projects within their communities.


Some interesting facts from Karen on biomass in our region:

  • * 70-75% of the energy used in the state of AK goes toward heating. Biomass fuels are primarily used for heating purposes
  • * Roughly 50% of every log run through a sawmill becomes wood waste, which in turn can be used as biomass fuel
  • * A logging truck can carry 26 tons of logs, which provides 13 tons of available biomass



Find the full meeting minutes here

to read all of the intriguing information and regional resources provided by Karen Petersen, as well as updates on community projects happening in Wrangell, Prince of Whales, and Sitka. Included in the meeting minutes are

  • * Examples of biomass projects in place throughout the region and state
  • * A list of biomass and renewable energy project funding resources
  • * A list of regional collaborative efforts working to support the development of biomass in the region
  • * Entities able to assist in the development and deciphering of feasibility studies


[button url=”http://alaskawatershedcoalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/MeetingMinutes_PeerNetworkTeleconference_June2013.pdf” color=”blue” width=”full” ]Biomass Teleconference Meeting Minutes[/button]


Click below to access a list of funding opportunities from the Department of Energy for Tribal Energy Projects:

[button url=”http://alaskawatershedcoalition.org/2013/06/department-of-energy-funding-for-tribal-energy-projects/” color=”blue” width=”full” ]DOE Funding for Tribal Energy Projects[/button]



Picture slides from Karen’s presentation




Click below to access the list of Installed Biomass systems in the state of Alaska.

This list also provides contact information for an individual involved with each biomass systems


[button url=”http://alaskawatershedcoalition.org/2013/06/alaska-installed-biomass-systems/” color=”blue” width=”full”  ]Alaska Installed Biomass Systems[/button]



Contact information for Karen Petersen:

UAF Cooperative Extension Service, Thore Bay, AK

 Wood biomass, small business development, and rural tourism
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