Wrangell BioBrick Energy Collaborative

The Wrangell BioBrick Energy Collaborative is a partnership effort aimed at supporting the development of a local BioBrick manufacturing business in the community of Wrangell.


Concerns about the availability of sustainable and cost-effective energy sources in rural Southeast communities has prompted the formation of this Collaborative with partners including Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, the Wrangell Cooperative Association, local residents and business owners, the City and Borough of Wrangell, the US Forest Service, Wrangell Resource Council, Southeast Alaska Power Agency (SEAPA), Alaska Energy Authority, and the Wrangell Chamber of Commerce, with support from the Tongass People and Place Program.


The Wrangell BioBrick Energy Collaborative is looking into the feasibility of developing a Wrangell-based biofuel manufacturing facility. Waste generated from the community in the form of paper and local mill wood waste could be processed and compressed into compact bricks that can be used in wood-based boilers as well as home wood stoves. This initiative would support the local economy, minimize the amount of waste shipped out of the community, and provide a local and cost effective energy resource.


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Tongass People and Place Program
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