Pullen Creek Streamwalk



Taiya Inlet Watershed Council has partnered with the Municipality of Skagway, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, and the Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program to develop the Pullen Creek Streamwalk.


conceptual design
Conceptual design for Pullen Creek Streamwalk



The Pullen Creek Corridor has long been an area of interest to visitors and residents of Skagway. The creek’s proximity to the cruise ship docks and downtown area as well as annual runs of king, pink, and coho salmon in the creek make it an attractive and accessible nature retreat. Unfortunately, a network of informal social trails lead people onto the riparian zone and into the creek, which degrades salmon spawning and rearing habitat, causes erosion, and tramples riparian vegetation. A formal trail with designated viewing areas will allow pedestrians to see salmon and riparian habitat while protecting it from foot traffic. The trail will also address accessibility issues by being compliant with the American Disabilities Act.



Walking the site with White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad representatives. From left to right: unkown, Jaime Bricker (WP&YR), John Hudson (USFWS), Mark Schaefer (WP&YR), A.J. Conley (TIWC).



The goal of this project is to build a trail with interpretive signs and stream overlooks that allows visitors and Skagway residents to experience and learn about the natural and cultural history of Pullen Creek and its surrounding landscape. The Pullen Creek StreamWalk has been designed to meet the alternative transportation goals of the Municipality of Skagway 2020 Comprehensive Plan as well as:


1. Provide residents and visitors with safe pedestrian access to the Skagway Historic District, which contains several historic structures owned by KLGO.

2. Provide an educational walking tour for Skagway visitors and residents within the lower Pullen Creek corridor.

3. Promote partnerships among local organizations, businesses, the Municipality of Skagway, and government agencies to further their shared mission through enhancement of the Pullen Creek corridor for residents and visitors.

4. Expose pedestrians to lower Pullen Creek, including salmon, stream and riparian habitats, stream restoration projects, and the natural and cultural history of the area.

5. Identify and implement opportunities to protect and rehabilitate stream and riparian habitats along the lower Pullen Creek corridor for the benefit of fish, wildlife, and trail users.



Depiction of a gravel overlook from the final conceptual design. Created by Corvus Design.



The Pullen Creek Streamwalk will benefit Skagway residents, visitors, and area wildlife. The Pullen Creek Streamwalk project has been guided by a steering committee composed of Skagway residents and business representatives.

Steering Committee discussing StreamWalk Conceptual Design. From left to right: Theresa Thibault (NPS), Paul Burger (NPS), Donald Beard (Tetra Tech Engineering), Chris Mertl (Corvus Design).


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