Haines Comstock Culvert Replacement


In the fall of 2012, the Takshanuk Watershed Council (TWC) brought together funding from USFWS, Representative Bill Thomas, and mitigation money from the Haines Borough to replace the 0.1 mile Comstock Culvert and rebuild the incised stream to provide unimpeded fish passage.


Damaged culvert in poort condition
Damaged culvert in poort condition

The Sawmill Creek tributary that crosses Comstock Road 0.1 miles from Allen Road supports spawning Coho salmon, cutthroat, and Dolly Varden Char.  In 2008 a survey of the 0.1 culvert revealed that it was in extremely poor condition, with day-lighting in the road, a perch of 42”, and an incised channel, not allowing for fish passage.  In the fall of 2012 A new culvert was installed to provide unimpeded fish passage.

Finished culvert and restored streambed

The failing culvert was replaced with a 105” x 30” imbedded box culvert that was filled with substrate to simulate the stream, the angle was decreased, and the incised streambed was rebuilt. In addition, the road was repaired with new asphalt that had previously been damaged do to a fuel truck falling through the road into the culvert.


New culvert being placed


Tram system used to fill the culvert with rock


Finished road over culvert

The replaced culvert and streambed will provide necessary habitat for fish species that use this stream to spawn.


For more information on this project please contact:

Brad Ryan, Executive Director
Takshanuk Watershed Council
 (907) 766-3542



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