Scoping Discussion: Wetland and Aquatic Resource Mitigation

Southeast Alaska Region Scoping Discussion, Wetland Mitigation: Policies, Frameworks, Opportunities

October 21st, Juneau Alaska

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In response to the challenges – that SAWC has come up against in trying to develop a third party mitigation program (In-Lieu Fee) that provides mitigation opportunities in the form of restoration and enhancement – we made the decision to host a meeting that provided the opportunity for agency staffers, community based watershed management groups, non-profits, and a wide spectrum of natural resource professionals to engage, learn and consider ways we can move forward as a region to develop appropriate wetland and aquatic resources management strategies that support fair, equitable and credible mitigation.

With the support of NFF, USFWS and TU we were able to bring together a diverse panel of Pacific Northwest professionals who have experience and expertise in Wetland and Aquatic Resource Mitigation, as well as a sound understanding of the 2008 Final Rule on Compensatory Mitigation: losses for aquatic habitat.


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  • Heidi Firstencel, USACE
  • Matthew Lacroix, EPA
  • David D’Amore, Wetland Scientist, USFS
  • Neil Stichert, Habitat Restoration Practitioner, USFWS
  • Steve Sego, Third Party Mitigation Program Manager, WA
  • Francis Naglich, Wetland Biologist, Consultant, WA
  • Michael Murphy, King County WA, In Lieu Fee Program Director
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**** Please have patience- once I have returned from vacation I will upload all of the powerpoints and a synthesized report from the break-out sessions!! Thank you for understanding the need to un-plug!!!

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  • Brad Ryan, Takshanuk Watershed Council
  • A.J Conley, Taiyia Inlet Watershed Council
  • Kevin Hanley, ADEC
  • Randal Vigil, USACE
  • Marcia Heer, USACE
  • Matthew Brody, USACE
  • Nicole Jones, City and Borough of Juneau
  • Teri Camery, City and Borough Juneau
  • Brock Tabor, ADEC
  • Eva Zaki, USACE
  • Ben Krikpatrick, Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition
  • Hilary Lindh, Dowl HKM
  • Adam Kacksteitor, SAGA
  • Erich Schaal, Juneau Watershed Partnership, CBJ Docks and Harbors
  • Hollis Emery, SAGA
  • James Ray, USFWS
  • Jane Gendron, DOT & PF
  • Lindsey Ketchel, Southeast Alaska Conservation Council
  • Samia Savell, NRCS
  • Kate Mickelson, PND
  • Cindy Hartmann Moore, NMFS/NOAA
  • K Koski, NMFS
  • Bill Lucy, City and Borough Yakutat
  • Gretchen Keiser, SEAL Trust
  • Gary Holt, Prince of Whales Island Watershed Association
  • Hal Geigo
  • Steve Brockmann, USFWS
  • Jill Weitz, ADEC
  • Anthony Christanson, Hyadburg Cooperative, City of Hydaburg
  • Ed Neil, USGS
  • Diane Mayor, SEAL Trust
  • Beth Wylie, SEAL Trust
  • Ron Wolfe, Sealaska
  • Cheryl Fecko, POW Watershed Association
  • Heather Hardcastle, Trout Unlimited Alaska Program
  • Barbara Wykoff, Facilitator, NFF
  • Kathleen Dowd-Gailey, NFF
  • Beverly Schoonover, Juneau Watershed Partnership
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