Community Watershed Meetings

Community Based Wetland Management and Watershed Planning

Petersburg and Wrangell

October 17th, 2011

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SAWC was invited by resource management professionals in both Petersburg and Wrangell to come to their community and host a discussion and training on Wetland/Aquatic Resource Mitigation and Community-based Watershed Management and Wetland Planning.

This is part of SAWC’s Wetland and Aquatic Mitigation Initiative, which includes:

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  • Facilitating Scoping Discussions on Wetland and Aquatic Mitigation: Strategies, Frameworks and Opportunities
  • Hosting community-based watershed management trainings
  • Developing a third party mitigation program
  • Offering consulting services

to communities, landowners, developers, agencies, and non-profits interested in and being impacted by SE Alaska’s wetland management decisions and lack of mitigation opportunities.


October 17th, Council Chambers


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  • Leo Luczak, Director Community Development, City of Petersburg
  • Kate Mickelson, PND Engineering
  • Glo Wollen, Harbor Master, City of Petersburg
  • Susan Christensen, Community Development Mapping Technician, City of Petersburg
  • Dick Sommervile, PND Engineering
  • John Mcdonell, US Forest Service



October 17th, Nolan Center


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  • Carol Rushmore, Economic Development Director, City and Borough of Wrangell
  • Tim Rooney, Borough Manager, City and Borough of Wrangell
  • Amber Haddad, Planning Department, City and Borough of Wrangell
  • Teaque Mercer, Hydrologis, US Forest Service
  • Terri Henson, Planning and Zoning Comission, City and Borough of Wrangell
  • George Woodbury, Landowner, Wrangell
  • Peggy Wilson, Representative State Legislature
  • Keith Appleman, Recreation Staff Manager US Forest Service
  • Charolett Duren, KSTK Reporter


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