Building Local Economies; Creating Jobs in Local Watersheds and Supporting Community Health

In 2011 the Takshanuk Watershed Council in Haines AK brought in $230,000 on grants and used this money to employee 4 year round staff and 12 seasonal employees. The organization logged over 1000 hours of volunteer time valuing over $15,000.

When we say community-based watershed efforts build local economies we are not just talking about some abstract idea…

And whats even better…? In addition to local hire, the programs that are launched with this money are ┬áinvested to support the health of your community and maintain the vitality of the natural resources that the fisheries, timber and tourism industries in your community rely on.

What did Takshanuk Watershed Council do with this money, in addition to creating local employment:

1. Identify where the salmon are in the watersheds and what waters are supporting their various life stages

2. Address water quality and quantity concerns in urban watersheds

3. Ensure the fish can swim freely up and down stream by moving problematic barriers

When it comes to clean water for your community, healthy habitat for the salmon and wildlife, and jobs for local people community-based watershed groups make it all possible!!!