Wetland Delineation Training: Haines AK, July 18th – 19th

Wetlands contribute to community and watershed health, as well as bulster local economies by producing resources, enabling recreational activities and providing other benefits, such as water pollution control and flood protection.

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The Training

This training is being offered by the US Corps of Engineers and has been prepared to present the technical aspects of wetland delineation so that the landowner, city planner, tribe, contractor and other concerned individuals will understand the process of wetland identification and delineation. Students will learn what constitutes a wetland from a regulatory and legal perspective as well as from a practical “in the field” view.

Why are wetland delineations important to your community?

Anyone with an interest in purchasing and/ or developing a piece of property, from single-family houses to commercial developments, on or near a wetland will need to have a wetland delineation completed.

Wetland delineation is a necessary first and very important step in land planning and development in Southeast Alaska.

Why are Wetlands so important?

Improve Water quality and community drinking water —The Congaree Bottomland Hardwood SWAMP (SC) saves the community $5, 000, 000.00 by removing pollutants from the watershed

Vital to fish health –Two thirds of all fish consumed worldwide are dependent on coastal wetlands at some stage in their life cycle. (Source: Ramsar)

— EPA http://www.epa.gov/owow/