What’s Happening in Juneau

Current Projects of the Juneau Watershed Partnership

Review of Past Restoration, Enhancement, and Mitigation Projects:

JWP is partnering with the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Juneau to conduct an in-dept assessment and evaluation of past projects that were intended to protect, and restore Juneau’s watersheds. Utilizing the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s report – Restoration and Enhancement of Aquatic Habitats in Alaska (Parry and Seaman, 1994) – JWP is conducting an inventory and assessment of projects implemented to date. Findings will be used  to improve and support sustainable rehabilitation and enhancement efforts of our watersheds in the future.

The results of this assessment will be published in December 2010. If you are interested in this project please visit or contact: JWP

Lower Jordan Creek Watershed Stromwater Assessment

JWP is mapping stormwater treatment and conveyance in the urban corridor of lower Jordan Creek Watershed to support and enhance future stormwater treatment BMP location, design, and implementation for targeted storm water quality improvement in an impaired stream that supports important salmon habitat.

To learn more about the impact of stormwater run-off in your community please review the “stormwater” information on our resources page– located under “special topics”.

Promoting Citizen-Based Salmon Habitat Protection: Do you own land along a river, lake or stream?

JWP advocates for the responsible and adaptive watershed management. To achieve this goal JWP works with people who own land along rivers, lakes, and streams and the City and Borough of Juneau to promote the sustainable protection of this land in order to enhance and support salmon habitat in Juneau.

Two main audiences JWP hope to reach with this project are: 1. The landowner and 2. the CBJ Wetlands Review Board, Planning Commission, and Planning Department.

Electronic Resource Library

This one-stop electronic reference library is for the public, local agencies, private industry and business, and other stakeholders interested in and invested in the health and development of the watersheds in the Juneau are. This project is intended to increase efficiency in watershed research and provides a data management tool providing access to current and historic local watershed-related documents.

To tap into the resources visit the electronic library and explore, learn, and support the sustainable management and development of our watersheds.