Working to build a network of community-based watershed efforts achieving informed management of the resources in Southeast Alaska


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A Guide to Building Rain Gardens: How to improve water quality in your community

  Clean water and bountiful salmon are an integral part of life in Southeast Alaska, where our wet rainforest climate creates the conditions to support the thriving rivers, streams, and ocean our communities depend on. While we live, work, and recreate in this beautiful corner of the world, the activities of our daily lives can… Read More


Tongass National Forest Watershed Restoration Program

  According to the US Forest Service, the streams and lakes of the Tongass National Forest produce 80% of the annual Southeast Alaska commercial salmon catch. In an effort to steward this important resource, Tongass Fisheries and Watershed staff are strategically targeting watersheds in the region that have been heavily impacted by past management activities… Read More


Pat Creek Watershed Reconnaissance – Wrangell

  Pat Creek, near the community of Wrangell, supports runs of coho, pink, sockeye, and chum salmon, as well as Dolly Varden char, Coastal Cutthroat trout, and Steelhead trout. The Pat Creek watershed is highly valued by the Wrangell community for its accessibility and opportunities for recreation and subsistence activities. Much of the valley bottom… Read More


Monitoring Traditional Subsistence Resources With Environmental DNA

Eulachon, locally pronounced “hooligan” have been an important subsistence food source for residents of the Chilkoot and Chilkat Rivers near Haines for generations. Eulachon are anadromous (spending part of their life in the ocean, part in fresh water) fish that gather in large schools at the mouths of rivers and streams before heading up to… Read More


Local Mitigation & Watershed Planning: POW Community Meeting 5/13

Please join the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition for a community meeting in Klawock on May 13th! This meeting will provide information on the proposed Southeast Alaska Mitigation Fund; how communities can interact with this program to plan and carry out aquatic resource mitigation and restoration.    Please visit http://www.alaskawatershedcoalition.org/programs/aquaticresourcemitigation for more information on aquatic resource… Read More



Keep Informed!

Current events impacting our watersheds