Slash the Trash!

“Slash the Trash” is a program designed to reduce garbage accumulation in Juneau’s streams and rivers. Working with the AK Department of Environmental Conservation, AK Fish & Game, US Forest Service, Litter Free, Inc. and the City and Borough of Juneau, JWP is trying to find long term solutions to Juneau’s public garbage problem.

'Slash the Trash' Program Areas

1. Prevention
JWP creates and distributes outreach materials to the community about how garbage and debris impacts our local salmon streams. We have created public signage about this issue, stickered storm drains, hung door hangers in local neighborhoods, hosted community meetings, and written newspaper articles addressing local garbage prevention.

2. Enforcement
JWP works with the CBJ and the State of Alaska to advocate for increased monitoring and enforcement of local litter laws.

3. Removal
JWP participates in Litter Free's annual Spring Clean-Up as well as other stream and beach garbage clean-up events. To date, over 1000 JWP volunteers have collected over 20,000 lbs of garbage and recyclables during our clean-up events. Visit Litter Free's website or our Clean-up page to learn more about the current clean-up event(s).


Why do we need to "Slash the Trash"?

“We all live downstream” is a well known saying, but rings especially true when garbage, debris, toxins, and other chemicals affect our own homes and communities. There are areas throughout Juneau heavily impacted by litter and debris that need attention. We are all at the whim of the water cycle and when we pollute our local waterways this garbage will come back to us somehow- whether it be in our drinking water or in the flesh of the fish we eat.

According to the “Keep America Beautiful” website, a national non-profit community action and educational organization, they believe that people litter in places where they feel no sense of ownership. They litter where litter has already accumulated and they litter where they perceive others will pick their garbage up.

The website also suggests that while litter prevention has to be a community-wide endeavor, that just one person, one business, or one organization can help positively change the attitudes of others in our community about dumping garbage in inappropriate areas.

We want to ask all Juneauites to help us get our neighbors to stop dumping their junk in our streams and rivers. You can do this by disposing of your garbage properly, talking with your children about littering, or participating in a local clean-up event. Bring the topic up at a meeting, talk to your co-workers about it, or work with your neighbors to host a community clean-up day.

What can you do?

There are many small actions you can to do to help reduce litter and debris in our community: