Clean-up Events

2018 Annual Spring Clean-up will be on April 28, 2018 - Mark your calendars now!

There are lots of locations along our waterways that are impacted by litter and debris.

Sign-up to Clean-up! And keep our streams from looking like this!

You can help by volunteering to clean a section of stream near your home, school, or favorite trail. You can sign-up individually or as a group. A clean-up event is a great volunteer opportunity for classrooms, Boy or Girl Scout troops, sports teams and other community groups. Send us an email with your name (or group name), number of anticipated volunteers in your group, and the location you'd like to commit to cleaning up during our event. Please note that we would like to include limited information (name and number of volunteers) on our interactive map below, to help ensure that volunteers are spread across locations. If you would like us to use "anonymous" instead of your name, please let us know.

Bag and Sign-in Stations

Open from 8AM to 10AM, several locations around town. Please see our interactive map below for locations.


Duck Creek Market Bag Station and Thank-You BBQ

The JWP will be hosting a bag station at Duck Creek Market and serving up hot-dogs for our volunteers after the clean-up event!

Interactive Clean-up Map and Hot-spots

If you need help finding a bag station or deciding on a clean-up location, below is an interactive map to help you. We have lots of litter "hot-spots" that need attention. You can click on each location for more information.

For volunteers that email us, we will include the name (or group name) and number of volunteers at the selected clean-up location on the map to show where folks have volunteered to clean-up. If your preferred location is not on the map, don't worry...we can add it if you provide us with a description.

Feel free to contact us if you have a recommended "hot-spot," even if you cannot participate in this year's event. We will add it to the map!