Native Plant Resource Center

Juneau Watershed Partnership with funding from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Juneau Field Office (JFO) to create a Native Plant Resource Center on SEAL Trust property adjacent to Montana Creek. The purpose of the Center will be to provide the JFO Habitat Restoration Program with a source of healthy and diverse plant species suitable for quickly establishing vegetation at restoration sites for the benefit of fish and wildlife. native trees were salvaged from highway right of ways (Sitka spruce, western hemlock), gravel and sand quarries (red alder), and private properties (spruce and hemlock). Willow (Salix spp.) and black cottonwood trees were also established from cuttings collected from dormant (early spring) and actively growing (summer) trees. ots were purchased or used pots (more than 500) were donated to the facility by the CBJ and private citizens. Topsoil was purchased at a reduced rate or donated by local contractors.

Labor for this project was provided by young adults and staff from the Juneau Youth Services Transitional Living Program (TLP).


  Photos of the Native Plant Resource Center, courtesy of John Hudson, USFWS


Have plants from the Native Plant Resource Center been used successfully in restoration projects?
YES! Plants stored at the Native Plant Resource Center were used in several riparian revegetation projects in Juneau, including the Mendenhall River Riverbend Revetment Joint-Planting project. For more information on other projects for which plants from the Native Plant Resource Center were used, please see our report to the USFWS.