Pullen Creek Riparian Protection and Enhancement

Train Yard Riparian Work

In the Fall of 2012, the Municipality of Skagway  granted TIWC permission to build a fence along a 600-foot reach of Pullen Creek. The stream side (riparian) vegetation is very thick and healthy in some areas and thinned out in others. To protect the existing vegetative buffer between a dirt access road and Pullen Creek and plantings from future revegetation efforts, TIWC built a split rail fence with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service funds. On an overcast sunday in early July, 2 staff members and 9 volunteers built this fence in 10 hours.


Dahl Memorial Clinic Riparian Work

TIWC has ongoing projects to enhance riparian areas in the Taiya Inlet Watershed.  In the summer of 2011, TIWC worked with U.S. Fish and Wildlife and SAGA to enhance over 220 feet of streambank at by the Dahl Memorial Clinic at 14th and State and at 11th and Broadway.  As the spring and summer progress, stop by these sites to see how the alder and willow transplants are doing.


TIWC frequently looks for private and public partners for riparian enhancement and streambank rehabilitation projects.   If you own land by a creek or waterbody and would like to maximize its functions for fish and wildlife habitat and water quality, please contact the TIWC office.

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