Salmon to be Released!


Since October we’ve been raising chinook salmon eggs in Skagway Elementary School. About once a month, I get to hang out with each of the elementary classes at the end of the day to share with them things I’ve been learning about salmon, salmon habitat, aquatic insects, and human impacts. Next week we’ll release our fry into Pullen Creek where they’ll grow for a couple of years before heading out to the ocean to become adults. Time, date, and location to be determined, but I’ll let you know through our favorite media outlets: this website, our facebook page, and KHNS


The Skagway Bird Club received the above from Whitehorse photographer Vince Federoff. The ravens are happy up there, it must almost be spring!

Also, tomorrow there will be a legislative hearing on the Juneau Road to Nowhere, follow the above link to the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council website for more information and to sign a petition against funding the Juneau Road.

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