Lower Pullen Creek Fish Passage and Stream Restoration

The Lower Pullen Creek Fish Passage and Stream Restoration effort was the first project undertaken by the Taiya Inlet Watershed Council.  Funded through several different agencies and foundations, TIWC coordinated the replacement of three culverts under roads and railroad tracks, the reconfiguration of stream channels and pond bathymetry, and the replacement of underground utilities. The process of planning, design, and construction required communication with the Municipality of Skagway (MOS), Alaska Power and Telephone, and the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad (WPYR). The project was completed in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The completed project led to:

  • Improved fish and wildlife habitat and passage through revegetation and channel modification
  • Improved fish passage through culverts under Congress Way and railroad tracks
  • Revegetated streambanks and enhanced riparian habitat
  • Protected streambanks from future degradation
  • Improved channel that accommodates flows from Dewey Lakes hydroelectric project while providing new fish habitat features
  • Increased sediment transport through culverts
  • Increased fish habitat complexity/spawning substrate availability
  • Controlled pedestrian access to streambanks
  • Access for fish viewing, sport fishing, and other streamside activities
  • Improved traffic flow to draw pedestrians away from railroad tracks
  • Improved aesthetic and educational value of the area for residents and tourists


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