Battle Against Invasives


Invasive plants are non-native grasses, flowers, and trees that are able to outcompete native species for resources such as nutrients, sunlight, and water. Many invasive plants grow quickly and crowd out native plants. Join me and Ramsey from the Klondike National Historical Park at 9 AM at the airport on Saturday July 26th to pull out one of “Alaska’s Most (Un)Wanted Invaders” (University of Alaska Anchorage): White Sweetclover. For more information on this and other invasives in Alaska, visit     For the past three years I’ve been working with Federal Agencies (National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service) to slow the spread of reed canary grass around Pullen Creek. Ramsey Mauldin and I picked a sunny day to clip the seed heads off this invasive grass. While this help to stop spread the grass to uninfected areas, it does not kill the plant. For that, we will have to turn to more intensive efforts, which may include herbicide. reedcanary4reedcanary3


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