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The Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition believes communities that participate in identifying and addressing local watershed issues are better able to develop locally relevant solutions that take into account their community’s unique social, ecological, and economic conditions and values. Engaged community stakeholders that actively participate in local watershed management foster a sense of local ownership of identified problems and solutions, building long-term support for resulting management plans.

For this reason SAWC is committed to supporting community organizations that are interested in and dedicated to actively engaging their community in researching, restoring, stewarding, developing, and conserving their local watersheds.


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Community Capacity Development

We work to build the capacity of Southeast Alaska communities to carry out informed natural resource management. We strive to give community leaders and practitioners the tools and skills necessary to actively participate and maintain a voice in the management of their local watershed resources.    

Trainings & Workshops  

2011-07-19_11-14-25_1711SAWC partners with local governments and tribes, state and federal agencies, non- profit organizations, environmental consultants and contractors, and developers to coordinate trainings that provide natural resource management professionals, watershed practitioners and community leaders the resources and skills they need to promote the health of their communities, watersheds and local economies.      

Administrative Services


Our member groups and community partner organizations work hard to provide valuable programs and services in their communities. For many of these small organizations maintaining non-profit status and administrative functions can be a drain on organization staff and resources, impeding their ability to focus on getting projects on the ground.

To help ease this strain on community organizations, SAWC has developed a set of organizational capacity services available to our member groups and partner organizations designed to bolster their ability to effectively address the most pressing issues affecting their communities.

Please contact us for more information on administrative services available to support your community organization!

Fiscal SponsorshipGrant WritingContractingProgram ManagementCommunications
SAWC offers fiscal sponsorship to communities and organizations throughout Southeast Alaska with limited financial capacity.   We strive to provide the service of fiscal sponsorship as an affordable means for organizations to operate and apply for funding without having to deal with the work and infrastructure necessary to secure and maintain non-profit status with state and federal authorities.  For organizations with limited capacity, fiscal sponsorship frees up staff to focus their time and efforts on carrying out their community based projects and programs.
SAWC and our member groups have a wealth of skills and experience writing grants and project proposals, and SAWC offers access to this collective resource as a service to communities and organizations with limited capacity in this area. SAWC connects those organizations requesting grant writing assistance with the staff or member group that has the most knowledge and experience in the subject area of a specific project.
 Many community watershed projects require contracts for specialized technical services. SAWC staff carry skills and experience crafting and reviewing written Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for contractual services on a variety of projects. SAWC can provide guidance and templates for writing RFPs and contracts to support successful community watershed projects.
SAWC staff and its member groups comprise a pool of professionals implementing a variety of resource management and sustainable community development projects including, restoration, fish passage, research, food security, environmental education, and more.  Implementing these projects takes special expertise and SAWC strives to provide project management to get these types of projects and more off the ground in communities throughout Southeast Alaska.
SAWC member groups have access to services provided through our Communications Coordinator. SAWC’s Communications staff can assist organizations in developing and carrying out a communications strategy, including website development and outreach to elevate and promote their community projects and programs.

The Southeast Alaska Mitigation Fund

IMGP1943Over the last 5 years SAWC has been working to develop a program that will incentivize sustainable community development and aquatic resource restoration in Southeast Alaska.

The Southeast Alaska Mitigation Fund is a third party In Lieu Fee mitigation program with the primary goal of maintaining and improving the quantity and quality of aquatic resources throughout Southeast Alaska. The program will act as a mechanism to utilize funds collected through land development permitting fees under the Clean Water Act Section 404 Program to mitigate impacts to aquatic resources through the restoration, enhancement, or creation of wetlands and streams.

Over the course of this program’s development, SAWC is working to build the capacity of communities, agencies, local organizations and businesses to carry out effective mitigation under the Section 404 Program and utilize the Southeast Alaska Mitigation Fund to bolster their local watersheds and economies.