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Healthy Watersheds

In Southeast Alaska our watersheds are a source of economic sustainability, wild harvested subsistence foods, opportunities for recreation and outdoor adventure, cultural and community identity, and so much more. Our region is world renowned for the pristine forests and waters right in our very back yards.

Because healthy and productive watersheds are so vital to the communities of our region, the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition works to support community-based initiatives to manage resources and develop locally relevant solutions to watershed management issues.



Community Watershed Planning

IMG_6254The Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition works with communities to conduct comprehensive community watershed planning.

Both ecological values and community values are considered throughout the planning process to prioritize land and resource use for community development and identify opportunities for watershed restoration and stewardship to enhance the ecological and community value of impacted resources.

Community watershed planning services we offer:

Community needs and watershed assessment

Watershed plan development

Mitigation planning

Community watershed project development

Project management support

Watershed Restoration

The Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition has been working to advance the restoration of streams, wetlands, and other aquatic resources across Southeast Alaska. We partner with state and federal agencies, municipal governments, tribes, community organizations, and local contractors to improve fish habitat, fish passage, and aquatic function on impacted waters throughout the region.

The Coalition is currently developing an In Lieu Fee mitigation program with the Alaska Army Corps of Engineers to establish a mechanism for incentivizing and funding aquatic resource restoration, creation, and enhancement projects in Southeast Alaska to mitigate for unavoidable impacts to watershed resources as communities grow and develop.